USA Made Golf Cup Cover

The Original Golf Cup Covers


 Golf Cup Covers were invented by K&J Innovations because the owner did not want his grandchildren to accidentally step in a golf hole and get injured.  Nothing was available on the market, so John Graves invented the Golf Cup Cover.  They are now the industry standard Original...  John retired and has taking over the manufacturing and distribution.   The covers fit all USGA & PGA regulation golf cups and are ideally suited for commercial and residential putting greens. Extensive research and development went into the creation of these covers to provide a dependable and long-lasting product.


  • US-made 100% Recyclable ABS plastic construction with ultraviolet protection to promote longevity.
  • Green textured top closely blends in with natural and artificial greens. 
  • Golf Cup Covers add versatility and improved functionality to any putting green by keeping out debris such as leaves, sand, water and ice that can damage golf cups while also transforming greens into safe social spaces.
  • The covers can be used to protect golf cups while maintaining or top-dressing natural putting greens.

A Must Have For Every Putting Green Owner!


Each cover has a 2½” smooth surface which allows companies to customize them by adding a label with their own logo or contact information, if desired.  

Cover sits securely on the cup but there is actually a little clearance between the golf cup cover and the inside of the cup to keep the cover's side walls from binding inside the cup (upon removal) if sand or debris falls inside.

The molded flange sits snug against the top of the cup helping to prevent water, snow, & debris from getting down into the cup. 

Fits into any regulation sized cup and will not blow out with heavy wind gusts.

For use with sand filled & non-sand filled greens

Great for northern locations who experience frost heaving of their cups during the winter months.  These covers will help keep out rain and snow from getting under the base of your cups.

Works in plastic, aluminum & zinc regulation putting green cups (4 1/8" hole) because the golf hole cover measures 4 1/2" wide.

Tough enough to withstand pedestrian (including Mini golf) & vehicle traffic

Use when top-dressing natural turf greens to keep the material out of the cups 

Made in the USA & Patent Pending

Sold Individually (price will change automatically based upon quantity ordered)

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Golf Cup Covers

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Golf Flags, markers, Pins, Cups

Jr. Pin Markers, Golf Cups, Replacement Jr. Pin Flags

 The needs of golfers, the demands of Mother Nature and the realities of running a golf course were all carefully considered in designing our offering of flag sticks. The result is a line with the highest achievable quality. Solid color-impregnated fiberglass flagsticks designed to retain their color even after relentless exposure to ultraviolet light. Powder-coated aluminum flagsticks for maximum durability and customization. Every ShopTJB flagstick features our patented no-stick ferrule.     

30" Practice Green Golf Markers include: Marker, Easy Grip Knob, & Choice of flag: Solid Color (Red, Blue, White, & Yellow) or Numbered (White Numbers on a Red Flag or Red Numbers on a White Flag).

Our Jr. Flags are engineered to maintain their good looks despite long exposure to wind and sunlight.

  • Improved steadfast colors, thanks to a patented DuPont process.
  • Stronger stitching, including bar-tacked corners and four rows of fly-hem stitching, ensures durability in high winds.
  • Lightweight 400 denier nylon construction makes flags sensitive to even gentle breezes, giving golfers a better determination of wind direction.
  • Tube-style plastic swivel is stitched into each flag.
  • Unlike heavy sailcloth flags, ours minimize premature wear on sticks and cups, and decrease the chance of the flag sticks being blown out of cups.
  • 1” Round Easy Grip Knob on each marker pole for easier gripping.
  •  1 1/16" Round Ferrule and will fit into a Regulation Cup with a 1 5/32" Round Neul (Hole). 


Our USGA/PGA Regulation Golf Cups are used on golf course worldwide.  ShopTJB offers several different sizes to fit everyone’s needs. 

  • 4" Plastic Practice Cup (can also be used for indoor applications)
  • 6" Plastic Regulation Cup
  • 6" Aluminum Regulation Cup
  • ID = 4 1/16"
  • OD = 4 1/4"
  • HT = 4" or 6"
  • Inside Round Hole = 1 5/32"  (Which will accept all Regulation Poles with a 1 1/16" Neul)